Neither moored or steered. Taste the Rappahannock!

neither moored or steered.

Taste the rappahannock.



The act of being adrift among a group or community is classically defined as floating without being either moored or steered.  The goal of ADRIFT is to offer itself as a vessel for the community at large to explore, embrace and experience the beautiful bounty of our area.  We will not moor or steer you, rather invite you to truly taste.

Virginia has so much to offer and the Northern Neck possesses an undeniable abundance.  Our hope is to entertain the taste buds while honoring the beauty of our land and sea.  The amazing ingredients our land and farmers bring to us demand technique.  Technique is a chef's devotion of love. The greatest accomplishment is to extend that passion to the plate and beyond to our guests. 


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August 12th - Central Californian Wine Dinner